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07 February 2010

Super Bowl Disappointment

The bestie and I are both huge, lifelong Colts fans.

He happened to be home on leave the year we won the Super Bowl. He went with me all over town to find one of the few remaining #18 jerseys. It took forever, but we finally found one. Had to get an away jersey because all the home ones were sold out. Went over to his place for the game and enjoyed his dad's entertainment system. Watched the game with his family.

We won and the celebration that erupted was epic.

It was an absolute blast.

It was a memory I hold dear, and it is one that I know he shares and enjoys as well.

I really wanted us to win.

I wanted Peyton to get another ring and shut up the critics.

I wanted to end the season on a positive note, rather the than sour one the regular season left.

I wanted another moment of bliss and celebration.

Mostly I wanted them to win it for him.

I wanted him to have that memory to take with him when he leaves for the scary places.

I wanted him to have one last amazing night to celebrate and be carefree again, before it is time to get serious.

I'm sad we lost. I'm sad we didn't get to all share that joy together.

Maybe next time.

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