"I'm sorry I must leave, but I must do what is asked of me by my God, my Country, and my Corps.. and so, the war blog begins, again." ~B

21 July 2011

Of Three Or Four In The Room by Yehuda Amichai

I have fallen in love with this poem.  In so many ways it encompasses the past 7 years for me.  There are lines of this poem that stay with me like few others do.  Part of me will always be standing at the window.  Part of me will always see the ones who left whole and came back in pieces.

Of Three or Four in the Room

Out of three or four in the room
One is always standing at the window.
Forced to see the injustice amongst the thorns,
The fires on the hills.

And people who left whole
Are brought home in the evening, like small change.

Out of three or four in the room
One is always standing at the window.
Hair dark above his thoughts.
Behind him, the words, wandering, without luggage,
Hearts without provision, prophecies without water
Big stones put there
Standing, closed like letters
With no addresses; and no one to receive them.

13 July 2011

Not Taking it for Granted

There are so many little things that you take for granted.

Following your favorite teams.  Sharing those experiences with those you love.  Especially sharing those moments in the forms of instant communication that are available now.

Got to do that again this week.  Pretty cool moment to realize, hey, the Marine Corps gave him back!  I can do this again!

So many things can happen in the world. I am reminded of that again this week.  Of close calls and almosts.

I am grateful for all the little moments.

And all the moments I get to enjoy again with the ones that I love.