"I'm sorry I must leave, but I must do what is asked of me by my God, my Country, and my Corps.. and so, the war blog begins, again." ~B

11 September 2011

10 Years

There are so many memories of that day.  10 years later September Eleventh is still as incomprehensible to me as it was when I was a kid watching it unfold on the tvs in the classrooms.   It was the catalyst for so much that has come since.  It was the defining moment of my childhood.  It was the line of departure.  The before and the after.

So much loss of life.  So many heroes.  Rick Rescorla.  FDNY. NYPD. PAPD. Everyday civilians who took the opportunity to help others when it was presented to them.  So much good and so much evil in the same day.

How do you process it?

So many questions remain.  So many lessons are left to learn.

Since 9/11 I have become and adult.  I have watched my friends who sat in a classroom with me that day when someone announced that our country was at war and we were going to be the ones to fight it go off to war.  I have said goodbye to my best friend and prayed that  I have seen some friends of them be wounded in war.  I have been to funerals for others.  I joined an organization that has provided me with more experiences that I ever could have though possible.

9/11 was the catalyst for all of it.

With the death of bin Ladin in May, I am left to wonder if there will ever be closure.  I, like many others, had hoped that that is what his death would provide.  But I think it was just the metaphorical "end of the beginning."  I think though that it will always be an open wound.

 9/11 changed so much.

God bless the families of the lost.

2,996 souls.

Never forgotten.