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23 February 2010

Good Luck, Maggie!

My dear friend Maggie joined the Air Force.

Maggie is the reason I am blogging now, as it was her encouragement that made me follow through with starting my own.

It has been a bit of a process for her to get everything ready and her contract straightened out, but everything came together for her. She has had the additional blessing/burden of planning a wedding while preparing herself for Basic.

She left yesterday for BMT.

She was anxious, but she was also ready. I know she will do well and I can't wait to celebrate her graduation with her.

I am praying for her mother, who especially needs a little reassurance that everything will turn out ok. I don't think she expected to have a daughter in the military.

Go wish her well at Maggie Joins Up.

Good Luck Maggie!

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