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10 August 2009

Deployment Best Wishes

A few hours ago, a classmate of mine deployed to Afghanistan with the National Guard.

Task Force Cyclone, 38th Infantry Division, will be gone for at least 9 months, but with pre and post-deployment commitments, it will probably be closer to 12.

When the Guard deploys, they take many quality members of our community with them. I really think the Guard has one of the toughest jobs of the war, stepping in and out of the role of warrior while their civilian lives continue.

We will be praying for you every day.

God Speed everyone.

*Photos belong to the US Army


AirmanMom said...


james said...

We'll be thinking of them, and thankful for them, until they all come home.

rons blog said...

wendy. my adoptees that are already there are the cornerstone of why i do what i do & i will continue to support every brave soldier over there & maybe even more when they get back. they will still need our support. be proud of all you have done & continue to do. midwayron