"I'm sorry I must leave, but I must do what is asked of me by my God, my Country, and my Corps.. and so, the war blog begins, again." ~B

01 February 2012

He is a United States Marine
He will steal your last beer, but give you his last magazine of ammo. He will drop 6 F-bombs in one sentence, but write you the most endearing letters. He will be your worst enemy, and your best friend - often in the same day. He will borrow twenty dollars, and will repay you in alcohol. He has forgotten more names than you have ever known. … He has hurried more than you. He has waited more than… He can stand for hours, he can sit in a puddle of mud for hours on end and still crack a joke. He can sit in a small room, and stare out over a thousand yards. He will be friendly to every person he meets, but will have a plan to kill them if the need arises. He will smoke 3packs a day and run 3miles in 20 minutes. He can fall asleep in the middle of a construction zone, but is restless in his own bed. He will lace his shoes left over right, and will not tell you why. He will be the filthiest person you ever met, and the most handsome when he cleans up. His mind will swim with stories of adventure, but he will remain still. He is a rough man that watches over you while you sleep. He is a United States Marine. 

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