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02 January 2011

Film: The Dry Land

I just finished the independent film, The Dry Land.  It blew me away.  I'm usually wary of films depicting military veterans or soldiers in general.  They usually do not strike the right tone, are two inaccurate, or are just plain insulting.  I left this one with the feeling that the actors and the film makers "got it."  There was a sincerity to the acting and to the storytelling that impressed me.

From actress America Ferrera "There is a disconnect in our society....  Everyone wants a hero but no one wants to see or think about what they had to go through to be that hero."

The journey home post war and post military is different for every person.  The experience is different for every family.  The film brings a reality to one way that it can go.  I'm not going to summarize the plot or try to delve into the reasons why the film resonated.

I am just going to say that it is powerful.  Watch it and take what you want away from it.

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