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19 March 2010

The Losses

There have been so many fallen Marines (and soldiers) since the offensive began in Afghanistan. My heart breaks for the families of each and every one of them. I cannot help but mourn for each life that ended too soon and the experiences they will not get the have.

Each loss is also a reminder to hold on dearly to the ones that I love. I need to be fully present in each moment, because there is no guarantee of another. My prayers go out in earnest today, for the Bestie, my cousins, and each Marine, soldier, sailor, and airman who serves in harms way.

I am praying for a fellow blogger, who lost her husband, Cpl Jonathan Daniel Porto. They have a little girl, 9 weeks old, who will not get to know her daddy. Rachel, age 23, has lost the love of her life.

Visit her blog and let her know you are thinking of her and will remember the sacrifice her family has made for our nation:
A Little Pink in a World of Camo

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