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01 December 2009

Holidays in Afghanistan

As the President prepares to announce his strategy in Afghanistan, and pundits on cable news argue about numbers and troop increases, it is important to remember the individuals that allow any strategy to be successful.

These individuals fighting in Afghanistan are fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, cousins, and best friends. They are American, British, Polish, Australian, and Canadian- among others. They have favorite movies and post-deployment vacation plans.

Those that will make up a troop "surge" will probably take pre-deployment leave soon. They will visit family and friends, or some exotic locale, and try to make as many memories as possible before they leave. Behind each one of those numbers on the tv screen is a person.

Many members of our military are far from home this holiday season. More soon will be. It is important that we remember them, as well as their families, who face an empty place at the table, and a picture in place of a loved one.

We must also remember the families of the fallen, whose empty seat during the holiday season is permanent.

Remember our troops. Pray for them. Give them the support they have earned.


Susan said...

Thank you for the video. For those who have the opportunity to see, hear and feel the message, instead of buying another useless Christmas gift for friends and family that don't really need it, please consider adopting a soldier instead. They NEED your love, support and packages from home. www.soldiersangels.org

STurner said...

I really enjoy watching your videos. They really cause you stop and think, I am so blessed to be able to be a proud member of Soldiers Angels. Thank you.