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24 October 2009

Soldiers Angels

Consider supporting Soldiers Angels. Deployed service personnel need all the support that they can get. I made this video and it reflects my experiences with the organization.



Susan said...

Impressive video. It makes my heart weep for all those young men and women struggling for us. As I sit at my comfortable kitchen table, sipping my freshly ground coffee, my deep involvement with Soldiers' Angels helps me to remember that without these wonderful heroes my daily freedoms are gone.God bless them all and for those who have the honor of viewing this video, PLEASE adopt a soldier and send your love, support and and care to a hero fighting for you.

Ty Lynn said...

I shared this on FB..I am a community team leader in Texas. I love that you read, I would be interested in knowing all the military history books you have read!

nikkif13 said...

Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for sharing this video. It reminds me why I got involved in Soldier's Angels. It's such a privilege to be a part of something so wonderful. The only thing I can say to they who served and ARE serving is "thank you." That seems a little shallow, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart! This video is amazing. It made me cry and put a smile on my face. Once again, thank you and God bless.

I, Wendy said...

Thanks for the feedback!

Ty, I have read many books on military history. I have reviewed a few under the "books" tag here. Among my favorites are David Kilcullen's "The Accidental Guerrilla," Gilberts "The First World War," Woodward's "Hell in the Holy Land: WWI in the Middle East," Herr's "Dispatches, Pyle's "Here is Your War," Ricks' "Making the Corps," and Bing West's "The Strongest Tribe." I am also a fan of anythink Mike Tucker writes. What are your favorites?

Ty Lynn said...

wow..we have read a lot of the same books. Great to know you have them reviewed. I'm always looking for new ones. I loved Dispatches. I am now reading the Best and the Brightest and The Coldest War. Bing West's book all I have read. Once A Marine, Nick Popadich (sp), Generation Kill, The Forever War by Dexter Filkins was really good.